Wednesday, November 22, 2006

"Umm, Is This Thing On? ... Ok then, Dear Diary ..."

This is the best idea ever.

What could be funnier/sadder than this? We all have stuff like this (at least the feely type of people do).

What is it? It like a poetry reading ... but of your high school journal! Haaaaaaaaahahaha .... so awesome. This is one review about it:

The Cringe Reading Series (there is also a blurb about adult kick ball teams in central park! ... please check it out)
A lot of people kept journals when they were teenagers—and
most of them would never, ever let those journals see the light of day. But on the first Wednesday of each month, a few brave souls at the Cringe Reading Series blow the dust off of these painful adolescent memories for the enjoyment of a roomful of strangers. Cofounder Sarah Brown has seen it all since the series began—letters, poems, even a rock opera. But journals, peppered with the deep, pimply shame of adolescence, are “hard to beat on the funny scale,” she says.
I guess it started out in LA and has spread across the country - who knew?

So of course, my next thought is to search for a similar reading here in the district. I found nothing. I guess this town is full of workaholics that take themselves too seriously ... or maybe its that they are all transplants and still have their high school journals in their high school bedrooms hidden in their nightstands or the back of their underwear drawer. If this is the case all you hill staffers and twenty-somethings running around in this city, while you are home for the holidays do us a favor and bring them back with you so we can get the DC version of cringe going on. Or if you know of this going on somewhere ... please let me know about it.

This has got me to thinking ... have I been out of high school long enough for my teenage angst and overly dramatic diary entries to be funny? I have been out of high school almost six years ... is that enough space and time between the heartaches and the drama to make people laugh? Or will it just be pathetic? Or is the reading of the diaries on stage really the funny part - the presentation. Because I think that people reading their own young teenage feelings is a much funnier presentation than the words themselves. I don't know ... you be the judge (I can't believe I am doing this). You can tell that I have seen way too many movies ... apparently I think in movie scripts when it comes to how I feel about the boys I dated.

This entry comes from a "rough draft" of a letter I was going to write I guy I was kind of dating in high school (I don't have a copy of what I actually ended up writing to him - but I HOPE I didn't really write ALL of it to him ... I have a sneaking suspicion I actually did ... eek!) We only dated two months really and a few months later I ended up dating a different guy that had a whole lot more impact in my life. And to be perfectly honest with all five of you that read my blog, I forgot that I was so into this guy. I remember hanging out with him and stuff, but according to this letter I found I was a lot more into him than I now remember. But it does offer a lot insight into my feelings toward the relationship to follow this one ... lots of dark and twisty going on in my adolescent days if you know what I mean. It is almost kind of sad ... or desperate ... or funny if it wasn't me. Anyway, here it is - you tell me if it is cringe worthy or just plain pathetic. Let's recap really quick ... I am barely 18 and we are by no means in love ... yet this is how dramatic I am:

"... I am giving you the blue glass heart you gave me, not because I don't want it, but because I want you to remember me. I want you to remember that you once cared for me, please don't forget. Don't forget that I was willing to take that chance. Maybe one day you will be willing to take it also. Maybe one day you can give the heart back to me, one day when you are ready to give not only the glass heart, but your own heart as well. Perhaps I will get this glass heart back, perhaps you'll keep it forever ... only time will tell."

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Senator Reid ... I mean Brother Reid

Church today was amazing! The spirit there was very strong at Stake Conference ... the members in the Washington, DC Stake are so diverse and wonderful! The underlying theme was personal conversion and the affect and influence that this gospel has on each one of our lives. I was full of joy and excitement to see and hear the varying experiences had by those that make there home here in the Nation's capitol and the surrounding area.

The DC 1st ward choir sang "Love One Another" and "The Spirit of God" in both spanish and english, reflecting many of the members heritage. The spirit was strong.

Then a small white man told the story of his introduction to the church 20 years ago as a 30 year old business man all about himself (his words, not mine) and only concerned with success in the work place. He elaborated on how learning about the church and reading the Book of Mormon affected his life ... it was very inspiring. He beamed with pride as he spoke of his sons serving full time missions. He was grateful and it was wonderful to hear his thoughts.

Another man spoke, with similar sentiments but a very different background. A black man of large stature with a booming voice and full of joy. He beamed with happiness. He had been baptized a month ago and continued to expound on the blessings he was receiving through the gospel. He commented on the diversity of our stake. I hoped that the girl I tutor each week was there to hear him speak. She was.

And then my heart really began to beat out of my chest. THE FUTURE SENATE MAJORITY LEADER and current senate minority leader of the democratic party in the Senate of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, SENATOR HARRY REID ... was at church! He spoke also and told of his own conversion to the church when he was in college with his wife. It was magical ... it was amazing ... it was awesome. He is such a powerful, yet gentle man. After the meeting I followed behind him until I could shake his hand. His sweet wife got his attention for me (thank you Sister Reid) and I shook his hand and told him I was thankful for the work he was doing and the example he was setting ... and that my dad wanted to say hello. He shook my hand and hugged me and thanked me for my support. My heart was racing (am I strange?) - what a great opportunity to shake hands with a senator and call him brother. Brother Reid.

From people of humble circumstances, interns, inner-city dwellers, me ... to CEO's (my Stake President is CEO of Black and Decker), a former chief of staff for Dick Cheney (don't worry apparently he saw the signs early and got out of the administration a bit ago), owner of a world wide hotel chain, and the U.S. Senate majority leader ... my church is diverse. Every socio-economic and cultural background was represented in that room - and that is only ONE stake in a worldwide church! It was truly amazing to be in that meeting. Truly amazing to feel of that spirit. Different people united in the gospel. It made me happy to be apart of it. It helped me realize that God really does love each of us - he is not a respector of persons.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

slowly going the way of the cockroach ... will it ever die?

NOOOOOOO ... the croc is going collegiate in 2007 ... of course my alma mater would be participating ... so disappointed.

However ... there is one croc that is SEMI- palatable ... the maryjane. I said semi - alright!

foreva-eva ... foreva-eva?

Paris makes people feel so romantic ... it makes them do romantic things - even TV characters! And while I am a bit late on saying this, it is worth mentioning ... CHRISTOPHER AND LORELI GOT MARRIED! Woohoo!

I have said it before - they just go together ... so much history. It made this girl very happy ... you all know how I like things to wrap up in nice, neat little packages with big bows on top ... and this one actually might do that! I know, I know, there will be drama to come but still, I like them together - so let me have my moment please!


No, its not a shout-out to my high school alma mater (i.h.s. - vaqueros fight, fight, fight) - it is the nickname my rommie's BF gave Imogen Heap monday night at the 930 club. She calls herself Immi. We call her IH. And I want to BE her, or at least a quarter as cool as her. She has a great voice and a fabulous accent (UK).

A few highlights of the late show -

* Marie Antoinette-esque costume with feathered boa fauxhawk = fabulously over the top

* Vintage hollowed out piano (think white distressed legs, cover, and front and clear sides) with her keyboard and mixing equipment installed inside = rockin

* Small tree with twinkle lights = so cute!

* Rolling "hills" of lights and large floating polk-a-dots floating as the backdrop = whimsical

* Beat-boxing guest Kid Beyond = PHENOMENAL

* Multi-talented back-up band (one guy played the stand-up bass, french horn, and guitar) = brilliant

All and all one of the most entertaining concerts I have ever been too. The 930 club is such a great venue, so intimate and awesome. Quite possibly the best electronic music ever (granted me and electronica are not that well aquainted) ... her sound is like electronic female emo (not that emo has to be male, but it often is).

She has great lyrics "there is beauty in the breakdown" and "Why'd ya have to be so cute?It's impossible to ignore you, Must you make me laugh so much? It's bad enough we get along so well" - you know the stuff.

So yeah - check IH out if you haven't already.

Friday, November 03, 2006

the only thing i got to give

Pictures would make this better ... but i don't quite have that ability yet (i don't own my own computer at the moment - gasp - unheard of i know, so i feel that putting pictures on roommates computers and stuff is not really somewhere i want to go ... so pictures will eventually make their debut on this blog ... one day).

That being said - I have an announcement to make (many of you already know) ... after three years of only having healthy trims - I have cut my hair! Big deal you may say ... no, no ... this is a big deal ... 13 inches is a big deal.

Yes, 13 inches is an inch longer than a foot. WHY?! you might say - that is definitely what my mother, father, and brother said on the phone the other day. Actually the conversation went like this ...

Me: "Hi Mom, guess what!"

Mom: "What?"

Me: "I cut my hair!"

Mom: "You didn't!"

Brother and Father (in the background): "what did she do!?")

Me: "I did! 13 inches!"

Mom: "Oh, (enter my full name here - you know she means business when that happens)

Mom, [to the family]: "she cut her hair!"

(groans from the men in my family)...

Mom: "13 inches"

Brother and Father: " NOOOOOOOO"

Me: "I donated it to Locks of Love"

Mom: "Oh. Ok" [to the family] "she donated it"

Brother and Father: "Oh ... I guess its ok then"

Mom: "Oh, fun! I bet it looks really cute!"

Sister-in-law: "How much is left?"

Mom: "Thanks for telling me before we came to visit - your father would have had a heart-attack!"

And that is my family. Well part of it anyway. Its funny how people react to my new short style. All girls immediately take notice and tell me how much they just love it (which you are never really quite sure is true because you know how girls are). Girls I barely even know notice from the other side of the room at church but guys I am talking to face to face don't notice a thing!

But everyone asks why ... "you had such pretty long hair", "you had the hair I would die for", etc. etc. But as soon as you bust out the - "I donated it to a charity that makes wigs for kids with cancer" - everyone shuts up. Its the show stopper - no one that has half a heart can complain or question after that. Its the end all, conversation killer. Well not the conversation killer, the question "why??" killer. It usually leads to a great conversation about the charity and if I feel sassy or like a new woman now. And I do. I feel like a more fun version of me. I feel sophisticated and spunky. I feel good even though some days I am not so sure what to do with my short cut.

You see, I have been wanting to donate my hair for quite some time now but I dye my hair, so I thought that you couldn't donate it. Then a friend at church said that you could dye it and perm it, but not bleach or highlight it. And you have to donate at least 10 inches ... which is a lot for most people. This is how I look at it - not a lot of people have 10 inches to donate and haven't bleached or highlighted their hair ... so there are not many people out there able to donate. It was the least I could do. Since I have a fear of needles and giving blood often causes me to faint I figure my hair donation is a kin to donating blood! While I may not be able to save three lives with one donation as does blood donation - I am helping one little girl fighting cancer feel a little bit better, a little more like herself. And that makes me feel a little bit better too.