Saturday, November 24, 2007

how can you not know?

you know you are old when undergraduates don't know who 2Pac, Warren G, and Nate Dogg are. yes, these kids are white oregonians ... but seriously I am a white girl from suburbia and I still know. it just means that i am getting old since the early nineties O-G (original gangster for all of those who don't know ... sigh, there is no hope) gangsta' rap is fading from children's memories.

sigh ... good songs not to be lost.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

blogging to commence december 8th

so i know ... i use to be good at blogging ... or at least sort of good at it. let's say i used to be consistent. i just wanted to let you know that blogging will commence after finals.

i haven't been actually doing anything lately but i have been learning all sorts of interesting things. i hope to share them after finals when i can actually think about what i think concerning all this new information. we are not just talking old buildings people, we are talking about mind-blowing concepts for more sustainable communities and for production and consumption. let me repeat - mind blowing. come on, you guys know that i don't do light and airy very well. i have all these crazy thoughts floating around in my head and graduate school is just fueling the fire. and stressing me out, but fueling the fire none-the-less.

we'll talk more in december when i will be vacationing in the OC for a month. lookin forward to the time to re-group.

some ideas for the future

i don't necessarily like the exact execution of these ideas (color, location, texture) but I like the concepts ... gets the creativity going. These are all photos from domino magazine's design challenge:

This one is actually from a woman in utah - way to go peeps
(i don't know if she is actually a peep, but chances are good)!
I like the cut-outs all though the key is a bit much for me and
the color scheme is not my bag. But I like that I could use this
idea in a rented apt. I love swirly organic stuff.

I like the painting in this picture ... not the colors tho.

This is a super cool idea, although I would have no idea
what image I would actually paint on my wall. Its so dramatic tho!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

my squeaky shoe

my left black jack purcell squeaks at the heel. its no big deal walking around camps ... until i go to the library and everyone turns to stare at me.

Friday, November 02, 2007

just as i suspected

i take back this post 100% (well at least 90%) ... i am no good at grad school right now. What happened you might ask - MIDTERMS. i feel lost and confused and frankly, not very bright.

The problem is that i have forgotten how to study - really study - for an exam. You know, multiple choice, short answer, fill in the blanks - straight up knowing the material and not just being able to write some flowery non-sense about the stuff you read. Yeah, well I am so much better at the flowery non-sense than the facts. I get so distracted and tired and I can't focus ... anyone have studying tips?