Saturday, December 30, 2006

So This Is the New Year ... and I Don't Feel Any Different

There is something about the end of the year. Its almost like it gets rushed or hurried due to its proximity to Christmas. I wish we had more time to reflect on the year - it goes by so fast yet so much has happened in 2006.

I started the "Oh Six" with a New Years kiss and fire works in Old Town Alexandria at the Masonic Temple. I worked in Philadelphia for a week, studied for the GRE, took the GRE, took a trip to Outer Banks North Carolina, sent flowers to my mom, went to Disneyland with my nieces and nephews, went apartment hunting, moved into the city, saw 4 concerts at the 930 Club, went to New York and stayed in the W Hotel Time Square, was a bridesmaid in my best friends wedding, saw the first Virgin Festival in the US in Baltimore, started working with a personal trainer, cut my hair 13 inches and donated it to locks of love, saw Charles Dicken's A Christmas Carol at Ford's Theater, ice skated by the White House, booked a ticket to Europe, and started tutoring a 15 year old girl.

Many of us like to think about the past ... people tend to be nostalgic - why is that? As I am writing this I am watching a Discovery Channel show about a possible new dinosaur species. All I could think about was - wow these guys are making a living at studying animals that live millions of years ago. And following the dino show is another show narrated by Alec Baldwin, none the less, about the history of man ... and relating it to Hamlet ... "can we ever know ourselves without knowing our past?" he asks ... hmmm. But that is an entirely different subject ... not only do I have an undergraduate degree in Archaeology, but I have a growing fascination with cemeteries, especially since I moved back east. I was uploading pictures on my new mac (yes pictures are finally here!) and realized I have quite a few photos of cemeteries ... more than the average person I am guessing. This one is from Manhattan - across from the World Trade Center site.

Then in the spring I went to Monticello and saw the Jefferson family graves ... I do believe that April is the most beautiful time of year in Virginia. I think you could agree with this. The cherry blossoms are out and the grass is green. I could lay to rest peacefully here.

My last example is from Annapolis, Maryland and is a little more typical as far as the conotations of creepy, wet, drab, and depressing that the word CEMETARY evokes. But I can see the beauty in Queen Anne's cemetery - even if it is a little neglected. Peacful, graceful, and reflective.

Perhaps its my "old soul" or maybe its the architectural details found in headstones of old cemetaries that draw me in. I don't know exactly ... but I like the enviornment they create, giving me time to clear my head, reflect, and think on the important things of this life ... I guess you could say it helps me to leave the world behind.

Friday, December 01, 2006

where is my white christmas?

perhaps I will end up hating this post for bringing on the cold, blustery winter ... but right now it is straight up hot and muggy and nasty. It's December 1st and it is too warm. Yesterday I felt so confused as I walked from work to the metro by way of Eastern Market. There are Christmas Trees - perfect sized, all fresh and green and Christmasy - all lined up next to the historic brick building made me soo happy.

I would take a picture and show it to you but I am still waiting on that computer (trying to guilt trip the parents ... if only the actually read my blog ... the concept of finding my blog and reading it is beyond them at the moment). So you will have to settle for the mental image write now. As I walked by the Christmas trees and passed the new market store that has twinkle lights, greenery, and holly berries decorating their patio railing I think how for the first time I am really in the Christmas mood. I am not usually so cheery and excited about this time of year, mostly because it just stresses everyone out. But this year I am ready to embrace the Christmas songs even (this is huge for me)!

I come to Pennsylvania Avenue and look down the street and see giant twinkle-light snowflakes on the light poles linning the street ... where is my cold weather?! Why am I sweating and taking off my coat? I am so confused ... just try to tell me their isn't such thing as global warming ... I dare you.