Wednesday, November 04, 2009

new marriage ... new name ... new email ... why not a new blog?

yep ... i am transitioning to a new blog ... one that reflects nathan too (not that he has been all that concerned about it) but I wanted to start a new in this aspect of my life as well.

so here is our new blog address:

Feel free to check us out if you want! And feel free to change your bookmarks, links, etc. This blog is not going to be deleted ... but it just won't have much updated information on it. I exported posts starting back from May (when I first introduced Nate into my blog readership) so we would not have a completely bare blog to start with. I was waiting to have the professional photos from our wedding as the first post, but they aren't quite ready yet and I decided to move forward and post them later.

Hope to "see" you over at our new blog home real soon!


N & B