Friday, May 02, 2008

thinking and doing ... the disconnect

I think about blogging often. Something funny happens in my life and I want to share it. But I lack follow through with out a deadline holding a knife to my back and making me walk the plank to take the plunge. I don't think its because it is spring ... when the sun is out here in Oregon it is beautiful. The leaves are sprouting and the flowers are blooming and it is wonderful ... but it is still raining a lot. And from what I hear, it will continue to rain until June which is right when I will be leaving for the summer.

Following through. I don't feel like this has always been a huge struggle for me ... but right now it is one of the biggest. I have time to write the papers I need to and even blog to let you people know I am alive and well and thinking strange thoughts ... but unless the due date is tomorrow - I can't bring myself to do it. Procrastination is awful and I hate that I am letting myself be engulfed by it.

Other Random Things:

  • I watched a disaster film last night and cried (remember how I feel about them?)
  • I am addicted to Propel and cookies from Safeway's bakery ... but I don't eat them at the same time.
  • I feel behind in life.
  • I feel like I want too much and I don't know how to get it.
  • I wish I took more pictures these days.
  • I need to start looking for monthly storage.
  • I want to wear skirts and shorts again.
  • I love my car - it was a really good purchase
  • I need to wash my car - but its going to rain again so its hard to convince myself to do it
  • I have this strange obsession with the South right now - architecture and everything about it ... I feel like I want to live in South Carolina or Louisiana or somewhere like that.
  • I constantly want to be in multiple places at once - have different lives all at the same time ... live here in the Pacific Northwest, live in the South, live in New England, live in San Francisco ... maybe its all the buildings I have been studying lately.
Anyway - those are the thoughts and feelings in my head.