Monday, January 26, 2009


i inserted this wonderful CD by this wonderful choir into my computer a few moments ago to add the playlist to my itunes ... then i went about putting things away as i prepared for bed. i was taking out my contacts and putting on my glasses when i heard a sound that triggered a memory. you know how a smell or a sound or a song suddenly brings back a vivid memory? its crazy how it just takes you back! that is what happened when itunes was done importing the CD - it makes that little "blip" sound (how on earth do you describe it?) to let you know that its completed the task at hand ... you know the one from back in the day of AOL/AIM when a "buddy" had sent you a message?! Does anybody else remember that?!

Sigh ... anyway i was instantly taken back to my freshman year in college (over 7 years ago) when my boyfriend and i would talk online across three states for hours at a time. that nervous excitement i got when i heard that sound - that he was online at the same time as me and wanted to talk. i was breathless with anticipation ... hanging on every letter of every word he typed and sent my way ... (wow - i was young and had it bad ... had it real bad .... hahahahaha - still friends with a few people that could definitely voucher for just how bad i had it!)

whoa ... i haven't thought about those conversations in forever ... strange how one little sound can stir a memory.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Mind and Body

It is the day of my birth (as well as the Revered Martin Luther King Jr's ... but we will celebrate that on Monday) and I am really sick this year. Its sort of sad on a few levels ... its my sweet sixteen + ten (thanks kelly for the great phrase) and I am going to the doctor. Awesome. But that is not the only thing I am bummed out about (do people still say that? bummed out? oh well, its my birthday - I am saying it) ... I am bummed out that I missed my cycling class this morning. Yes ... I said it. I am sad that I didn't get to sweat for an hour on a stationary bike ON MY BIRTHDAY. I know, I am an exercise junkie. What's it to ya?

This is the evolution ... I started doing this in August 2008:

And then I started doing this in October/November 2008:

I still do that activity above ... but to mix it up (because I think that it is important to change your work out routine and your meals ... otherwise you get used to it and get bored and then might stop AND I think your body gets used to the level of intensity of the activity so you gotta jump start it again ... but those are just my theories) .... I started talking a class at the beginning of this month using this:

I am mildly obsessed with it. I say mildly because I have only actually done it a few times. But I think I am going to really really like it.

Oh ... and these occupy a lot of my time too ... sometimes against my will ... but the thesis must get done - somehow: