Sunday, July 12, 2009

check us out

The 4th of July was a blast! I have never been sooo close to fireworks in my whole life. I love love love fireworks and since last year I was in Europe for the holiday, I was super excited to see them this year. The added excitement of meeting Nate's family a few days after packing up my last apartment as a single woman (and there have been a lot of them ... so this is a big deal) made the fireworks show ever so much more exciting. All in all we had so much fun visiting with the Soelbergs and I am excited to be apart of that family in just a few months.

Two of his brothers were in town (we missed his oldest brother, sister-in-law, and the girls) and the four of us went rock climbing (my first time) and it was sooo fun! Nate's camera has the pictures we took with his family over the 4th of July ... and we left that at their house on accident ... so no cool rock climbing and fire work pictures just yet.

But we did have my sister-in-law take some fun photos of us while in Irvine.

The "Heisman" pose - it was Nate and my brother's idea ...
plus we wanted to do a P90X move.

Just getting comfortable with Korean culture ...
the peace-sign is big with asian girls... and my hippie father.

Trying to sit up straight without looking unnatural.

Nate showing me "the game plan" ... to what you might ask?
I have no idea.

This one is for all the sappy people ... who like the whole kissing thing.
(I'll admit it ... I like kissing pictures ... even if its hard to capture a good one)