Thursday, June 14, 2007

This One's For Me (sorry if its a yawn to you)

I dedicate this post to myself ... my future home owning self. Now I know that home ownership is a long way off, but its always good to have goals. Goals that entail determining what type of furniture you would like to one day buy. Now you know that I definitely have my priorities straight in life. Anyway -

I have this thing for upholstered furniture. I love the fabrics and styles they can come in - there is so much room to make these pieces your own! I also love the antique brass upholstery tacks on the sides! The details are awesome. I really like this chair, but its white silk (so not practical) and it might not be that comfortable (no arms ... hmm):

In which case I could also go for something like these chairs below (there is a matching couch as well). These are French Art Deco but you can find something similar from Pottery Barn - alas, both options are much too expensive for me.
Or these chairs would work ... I love the tanned brown leather.

Oh - this chair is HEAVEN (why are all these chairs light fabrics ??) I LOVE the quilted look and how low it is to the ground. So pretty.

Or how about a dark wood dinning room table (with turned legs of course - my favorite) surrounded by six of these babies (re-upholstered in some delightful fabric). I hate when dinning chairs are uncomfortable and these would be so nice!

And don't even get me started on looking for chandeliers ... I don't just want one in my dinning room - I want one in my Master bedroom OR my Master bathroom (not both - just one depending on my house one day) as well! In fact, I would consider forgoing the dinning room chandelier for one in my Master suite. Silly - this I know. But a girl has got to dream big while she is still single and before she has a man in her life to crush all her dreams of a frilly and romantic bedroom!

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