Tuesday, September 29, 2009

the family dug up a few more wedding photos

Thanks to my mother-in-law, we have a few more wedding photos to share while we patiently wait for the professional photos. Thanks Gennie!

one of our best!

Jonas reaching for my owl pendant I had attached to my flowers. How fun is that bouquet?!

Nate's oldest brother Joe and his wife Sara and their girls Libby and Jenna.

Sara made Libby and Jenna's dress - these girls are sooo super cute!

I throw this one in to illustrate my niece Brooklyn's great affection for Nate.
When we came out of the temple, her first question was:
"Uncle Nate, why did you marry Aunt B?"

Nathan, Grandma Soelberg, and my father-in-law Craig

The happy couple kneel down to talk to Jimmie and Jenna on the steps of the temple.

10 of our 13 nieces and nephews pictured here:
Hunter, Cameron, Libby, Jenna, Mikyla, Monica, Terrick, Joaquin, Jimmie, and Annabelle
(held by Kate - Nate's younger sister)

All 5 Soelberg kids!
(Ben, Joe, Nate, Kate, Steve)

Beautiful Temple, Beautiful Day

My sister-in-law Kate and her yummy 5 month old Annabelle

This girl is sooo smiley, I love it!

And our favorite picture of the bunch:

I love the attitude on my face (I was annoyed at the wind I think) and his discontent at the idea of holding back my veil all day ... hahahahaha! Also, check out the face on Nathan Soelberg ...
he makes it often ... I laugh everytime!


heather said...

Love the pictures. Keep them coming. OH, and I love your hubbys face in the last one. Makes me laught too.

Sara said...

It was a fun day!

Maria said...

Great pictures!

Lindsey Graves said...

Hello! you totally forgot to comment on your mom's face in the last picture, it completely brings the whole thing together.

Chelsi Ritter said...

i love all the photos, bethany! you guys look so happy, and so wonderful together. i'm curious to know what nate said when he was asked why he married you!

Lohra said...

Whoa! You graduated AND you got married??? I OBVIOUSLY have not checked your blog in awhile. Congratulations!

Sarah said...

Leave it to Brooklyn to keep it very real and to stump Nate with her random inquiries. What she really should have said was "Way to go Nate !" or "Aren't you glad you married my Aunt B". Anyhoo she definately enjoys her new Uncle Nate. I just hope that he enjoys her just as much because I am guessing she is going to be somewhat of his shadow at christmas ! Great pics.:0) I love that you threw in the last one... candid ones complete the whole story .;0)