Sunday, September 28, 2008

Embracing the New

I like the old ...

Exhibit A: I have a BA in Archaeology
Exhibit B: I am currently pursuing a master's degree in Historic Preservation

aka - I dig historic architecture (don't you just love how I managed to combine those two things together? ... dig (archaeology) historic architecture (historic preservation) ... what? not that funny? oh ... uh ... sorry)

So yeah - I am into the past, the ancient, the long gone by, the historical, the reminiscent, the once upon a time. As I have stated before, I have an old soul ... I like Paisley (as seen here and repeated - with much better taste I might add - in my current abode ... pictures soon I promise) and hanging plates and black and white photos.

Oddly enough, however, I have the conflicting urge to change my scenery and living situations very often (as inventoried here). I want to live so many places for a year or two - South Carolina, Louisiana, Boston, upstate New York, Texas ... it just dawned on me that most of those places are on the East Coast. In all fairness, those are places far from my family and thus most likely won't be places I stay forever ... places like Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego - those could be forever places. But this moving thing is an exception ... every other aspect of my life tends to lean toward to the old, solid, stable, and classic. However, the Fall is a good time to embrace the new and that is what I am trying to do.

School starts tomorrow ... late, I know ... and with that comes new classes, new students, and new adventures. This also translates to new people at church - a lot of them - which is wonderful to see this morning. To add to the "New Fest" as I will call it, we received a new Relief Society President, which is the head of the women's organization in my church. This position is a big deal, not because it suggests she is the most righteous or capable woman in the ward (although one could argue that both these characteristics describe my good friend Jessica) but because great responsibility is placed on her shoulders. Her call to the position I know is inspired and I felt that today as she spoke to the sisters. I felt the spirit testify of her plan and organizational style as she expressed her sincere love for the women in the ward and the gospel in her life. She made me want to be better and she continues to help me re-new my commitment to the Lord and live as a better disciple of Him. I too have a new "calling" or responsibility in the Relief Society. Jessica has called me to be the Compassionate Service Leader and has charged me with the concern and welfare of the ward - to get to know people and discern their needs and help them feel the love that our Savior has for us. I feel honored to be a part of her presidency and hope to live up to the desires of both her and my heart in serving the Lord.

I am also blessed with the opportunity to serve with Jessica in the Portland temple twice a month. I am extremely excited and humbled by this calling and pray that I can learn all that is needed and provide a great service to my fellow sisters in this life, as well as the next, as we do the work of our Father in Heaven.

On a scholarly note, I will be assisting my Program Director as a TA for the first year master's student's Introductory class this Fall. Lots of preparation and time will be devoted to this class, as well as my own research and writing for my thesis.

So, lots of changes are coming about, however I know that as I embrace all these new things and strive to put the Lord first in all that I do, that I will be able to accomplish all that is asked of me.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

my style

I have been a little consumed with home decorating blogs these days ... its really becoming a problem. The other night I came across a blog (through a blog through a blog ... you know how that goes) that had a "find your style" type of quiz. Its really fun - you should take it and tell me what your style is. My results were as follows:


Nothing - including budget - stops you from putting your
all into creating a dream home.
Your look is quintessentially feminine:
cool, pretty colors; layered patterns and textures; and flawless attention to every detail

You know ... I can't really argue with that assessment. It goes on to further break down your style by room, which is quite an interesting idea. In all fairness I did have to fudge on some of the questions since I don't currently live in on place (being a student kind of makes you a bit homeless) and they ask you questions like "what most reflects your current location and housing layout" and things like that that require me to project my future desires.

LIVING ROOM: You love to indulge the senses, pamper, and prettify
Sounds like me, I like lots of things ... out of control decoration with a lot going on

BEDROOM: Mix in max feel
Check and double check on this ... matchy matchy is not very personal ...
in fact I have been busy painting all sorts of fun random things for my apt. in Eugene!

DINNING ROOM: Your a maestro of minimalism, using carefully chosen ingredients
This the one that is odd ... minimalism in decorating style? hmmm ... yes with food

HOME OFFICE: Who says paying the bills can't be glamorous?
Glamorous is a great word for furniture

Like I said, I have been busy painting mix and matched items. The hard thing is that I realize all the fun things I buy and work on won't necessarily go together or work in the small apartment I will be sharing with a great girl next year. But I am starting to collect things for a house I hope to one day have (it will probably be small but a girl has got to dream, right?)

My collection includes the following (wish I would have taken before pictures ... but of course I did not):

two old window frames
one end of a horse head book end
an urn shaped lamp
one small and one big watercolor/ink drawing from Firenze)
a stone shield with a fleur de lis (the sign of Firenze) from Siena
a porcelain carp teapot without the lid
a wooden fleur de lis
an old shelf
a porcelain sea urchin bowl
multiple black and silver frames of various sizes

not to mention the stuff I have in Eugene already:

two white serving platters
one green serving platter
two small circular carved wood mirrors
one small rectangular carved wood mirror
three extra small gold carved wood frames
10 small square wooden mirrors
two silver geometric candlesticks

*** UPDATE ****

I wrote this before I moved back to Eugene ... and now that I have gotten hear and set up shop I have acquired a few things ... like a red retro "waterfall" style children's desk that I needed to remove a drawer (so that I could sit under it) and paint light blue and add glass drawer pulls too ... and a vintagy french country night stand ... they are both heaven! Pictures to come when I have internet (a week from today) installed at my house. Stay tuned!