Friday, October 17, 2008

all worked up for a date with the treadmill

the last two morning i have gone to my apt. community gym where they have a nice treadmill (among other nice equipment) and a big flat screen TV. it is great to be again connected with the world (i don't have cable at home) and to see what is going on in the world - thank you CNN. watching CNN on the treadmill reminds me of my DC gym days with Kelly (fond, fond memories) sweating it out on the hill before the staffers flocked to the gym. while watching these past mornings i have had ... how shall we say ... the serendipitous occasion to be watching when one (to remain nameless) choice vice-presidential candidate was speaking on the campaign trail.

all i will say is this - thanks for getting me worked up these past two mornings ... I burned a lot of calories while watching you speak. i even lost 1.6 pounds this week (no joke). so, if nothing else your speaches are good for my weight loss and to that i am eternally grateful.

On another note ... did you see how well OBAMA did on the debates Wednesday night? If not, check it out ... the first 20 minutes or so I should have been on the treadmill again, but Barack always calms me down - thanks!

Check it out. VOTE.

(don't worry - the link to the above left takes you to the Full Video of the last Presidential Debate ... uncut and unbaised ... not just the parts I like).

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