Thursday, April 03, 2008

fo' shizzle??? Nahh...

I woke up this morning to an email with this link:

And then I saw this:


Ok ... now that you have done the assigned reading, we can review and discuss (can you tell I am in school?) This is the best April Fool's Joke I have EVER EVER EVER seen ... why you might ask? Because the website looks sooo real ... you can click on ALL the links on the page and they go to the right places ... and the informational details are so right on. Snoop Dogg could very well have seen Gladys Knight preform at a Church building - that part is not a joke - she really is a PEEP and gives performances on behalf of the LDS church. The terminology is right and now on further inspection, too right and that PICTURE ... priceless.

Sigh ... I was freaking out for a moment ... I thought for sure the end of the world was coming if the "D - O - Double G" had become a Mormon but I am a believer that it could happen. Its just that I am aware of the "signs of the time," as they say, and I just happen to believe that this could have been one of them.

Just goes to show the amazing capabilities of the digital and media arts and my gullability when first waking up. I know know to wait five minutes at least between getting up and checking my email in the morning.

P.S. at the very very bottom you will find this:

(it says: "You Just Got April Fooled! Snoop's Not Mormon ... YET!")